New Battery Technology Infographic

//New Battery Technology Infographic

New Battery Technology Infographic

Proven technological advancements will, and already have become common place key drivers behind cleaner greener environments through innovation and enhancing performance. Through continuous developments it’s no surprise that battery technology continues to take major leaps to becoming not just a humble, portable or mobile power source. We are well and truly entering the revolutionary age where you can find batteries deployed in a host of lateral markets, electric vehicles, solar power, energy and off grid storage are but a few growing lists of examples.


Main Ingredients for Battery Manufacturing

The raw materials behind such innovations are naturally forming rare earths and metals. The composites of these materials and typical uses are easily explained by following the useful diagrams and interesting industry information provided below. Take time to look at the dissection of the Lithium-Ion battery to see what is made from, or see how much composite material is used in some of the most familiar applications. Raw material is in great demand, so why not take time to learn a little more about these precious resources and how they impact upon our day to day lives.


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